14/05/2010 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Colin White, Geoff Fox, Adrian Jones, Julie Jones, Leonie Keighley, Jill Green, Suzanne Aubrun, Elizabeth Saadeh

Scrambling on one of the Three Brothers

Epacris sp

Elizabeth crossing an awkwardly fallen tree

Maxines Bower

Glen Rosa Falls and the Coliseum

Adrian on a ledge below Glen Rosa

Geoff and Colin on a ledge above Glen Rosa

Morning tea at the lookout

Adrian at another lookout

The Sunbath

Geoff and Colin in one of the clefts

Geoff and Colin descending the ladders

Suzanne silhouetted in another cleft

Leonie on the way to the Coliseum

The ledge heading toward the Coliseum

The party at the Coliseum

Descending from the Coliseum

Climbing back up the ladders

Adrian climbing the ladders

Adrian in the cleft

Clear views all the way to Kanangra

The party at Tuckers Lookout - (front) Colin, Leonie, Jill, (back) Adrian, Geoff, Julie, Suzanne, Elizabeth

Jill in Marks Tomb