19/09/2009 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, John Cooper, Melissa Newman, Chris Dowling, Dorian Broadrick, Melanie Ng, Carol Henderson, Peter van Lierop, Christine Daley, Peter Blackband

Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos

The cairn marking the way to Walls Pass

Looking down the chains of Walls Pass

View south from Walls Pass

The party at morning tea on the ledge above Walls Pass

John watching Peter van Lierop go over the edge

Peter climbing down

Chris at the top of the chains

Dorian abseiling

Peter, Dorian and Chris at the bottom

Christine abseiling

Melanie abseiling

Peter B abseiling

Peter B and Peter van L

Carol abseiling

John abseiling

Melissa on the top section of chains


Peter below Cedar Head

The party scrambling down towards Cedar Creek

Native iris (Patersonia sericea)

Dorian on the last tricky bit into Cedar Creek

Large overhang and camp site in Cedar Creek

The party in Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek

From the Ruined Castle, looking across to the Katoomba-Leura cliffline

Mt Solitary

Mt Solitary, Cedar Creek and Cedar Head

Christine and Peter on one of the boulders

The party at afternoon tea

Wildflower (sp?)

Rock orchid

Last light on Dog Face

Carol's key still in the car where she had left it in the morning!