29/08/2009 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Caro Ryan, Vivien de Remy de Courcelles, Emmanuelle Convert, Colin White, Tony Marshall, David Rostron, Christian Vallence

Caro Ryan also has photos from this walk.

Erskine Creek from the lookout

Erksine Creek

David crossing Erskine Creek

Erskine Creek pool

Crossing Erskine Creek - Vivien and Col

Climbing up the messy gully

Emmanuelle at the top of the gully

In a cave near the top of the ridge

Erskine Creek from the top of the ridge

Morning tea

Erskine Creek

Morning tea - David, Col, Caro, Tony, Vivien, Christian, Emmanuelle

Interesting rock formation

Descending a scrubby ridge towards Big Crater Creek

Col and Caro scrambling

Big Crater Creek

Vivien above Big Crater Creek

Christian at the top of a short scramble

Caro on the scramble

Christian and Vivien under an impressive wind eroded cave

Colin, Tony and Christian scrambling down the side creek

Christian, Caro, Vivien and Emmanuelle in Big Crater Creek

Cliffs of Big Crater Creek

Boulder scrambling in Big Crater Creek

Worm (Colin knows what it was!)

Big Crater Creek


Erskine Creek at the junction

Caro crossing Erskine Creek

Christian keeps his feet dry

Afternoon tea at Erskine Creek - Tony, Colin, Emmanuelle and Caro

Grass trees

Erskine Creek

Grass tree