18/07/2009 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, John Cooper, Melissa Newman, Greg Powell, Dorian Broadrick, Carol Henderson, Bob Taffel, Berenice Torstensson, Peter Blackband, Tony Hickson, Peter van Lierop, Christine Daley

Descending the Devils Hole

Devils Hole chockstone

Devils Hole chockstone

Carol and Greg descending the Devils Hole Creek

Carol, Melissa and Greg scrambling

Looking back up the Devils Hole

Chris, Berenice, Tony and Bob on the Devils Hole track

The party on the Devils Hole track

Bob, Carol and Tony at the fire trail junction

Traversing the slopes above Mitchells Creek

Heading up to the coachwood tree

John climbing the spiked tree

Dorian and Greg watch the climbers

Chris on the climb

Melissa, Bob and Peter watch the climbers


The spikes in the coachwood tree in Mitchells Creek

Dorian climbing the tree



Scrub in Mitchells Creek above the falls

Scrubby creek crossing

Making our way up Mitchells Creek

Waterfall in a side creek

A short scramble to get up a small cliffline

The party on top of the little cliffline - Tony, Chris, Peter, Peter, Bob, Berenice, Greg, John, Dorian, Melissa, Carol

Mitchells Creek cliffline from Glenraphael Drive

Another angle on Mitchells Creek