04/07/2009 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, John Cooper, Peter van Lierop, Bob Taffel, Lynne Outhred, Melissa Newman, Greg Powell, Carol Henderson, Jacqui Hickson, Berenice Torstensson, Gay Skaratt, Pamela Warren

Peter and Bob on the slopes below Glenraphael Head

Peter, Bob and Lynn near the gully that leads up to Dunphys Pass

Morning tea

Climbing up the gully to the shale ledge that is part of Dunphys Pass

The short scramble on to the ledge

Greg and Melissa sign the Dunphys Pass log book

Melissa on the shale ledge

The party on the ledge

Views all the way to Kanangra

The ledge goes on ...

... and on ...

Waterfall in one of the gullies


Wind eroded rock

The shale ledge continues

The ledge gets steeper near the point

Jacqui rounding the point

Greg emerging from the scrub at the top of the pass

Crossing Glenraphael Swamp

Glenraphael Swamp

Glenraphael Swamp

Wild Dogs across the swamp

Breakfast Creek valley

Descending the gully to Harmil Ledge

On Harmil Ledge

Lunch - John, Melissa, Pamela, Peter, Carol, Berenice, Jacqui, Gay

Heading out to Glenraphael Head on Harmil Ledge



A narrow section

Greg on the pass at Glenraphael Head

Pamela and Carol

Gay descending with John and Lynne watching on

Wild Dogs vista

Peter helping out half way down

Clear Hill

Greg, Lynne and Gay at the bottom

Jacqui at Glenraphael Head

Peter points out the footholds for Bob

Berenice about to descend

John and Peter on the pass

Melissa, last one down

Skirting back around to the ridge after descending Glenraphael Head

Pamela on the ridge

Greg and Melissa near the road

Final look back at Glenraphael Head

Sunset over Carlon Creek