12/06/2009 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Geoff Fox, Col White

Outlet of Govetts Creek into the Grose Valley

Junction of Arethusa and Alpheus Canyons

Col and Geoff on a narrow section of ledge above the canyon

Col crawling along another narrow section

Geoff at Rookery Nook - or is it?

Col and Geoff at Rookery Nook

Geoff and Col descending from the ledge

Vida and Arethusa Falls

Looking out into the Grose Valley from a ledge high above the creek

Col and Geoff near the end of the ledge

Alpheus Canyon

Arethusa Falls

Geoff and Tom at the cairn overlooking the junction of Alpheus and Arethusa Canyons

The big cairn

Geoff and Col

Col climbing the pass up to the point

Looking back across at Rookery Nook?

Col on the point


The point above Alpheus and Arethusa Canyons

Wild flower