07/12/2007 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Michael Keats, Graham Conden, Roger Clarke, Geoff Fox, Brian Fox, Bruce Mullaney

Brian in 'Turtle Rock'

Geoff in the Dry Canyon

Michael in the canyon

Canyon formation

Canyon formation

Canyon formation

Geoff photographing

Canyon formation

Canyon formation

Donkey Mountain

Looking down into the canyon

Canyon-like creek

Michael, Graham and Brian on the cliffs

Brian, Michael, Geoff and Graham

Michael photographing Brian


Impressive crack

Inside the crack

Brian in the crack, which has opened out

In the crack

In the crack

In the crack

Brian looking down the crack from the other end

Descending another crack

Looking back up the crack

Another crack

Spectacular cliffs

Michael on the cliffs

Graham and Michael on a pagoda

'Battleship' turrets

Roger on the cliff tops

Geoff in front of the battleship

Native iris


Flower (sp?)

The party on a pagoda near Carne Creek

Trigger plant