16/09/2007 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, James Yorston, Rachel Grindlay

After a couple of after dark finishes, no-one was really inspired to do anything too adventurous on Sunday. I suggested a jaunt up a nearby hill which looked steep but possible. Zigzagging up the loose slope on animal tracks, it wasn't clear how far we were going to get. One tricky move got us up to a point where we could ascend some way further on sloping slabs. At the top of this it looked like one more line of broken cliffs to the top. James went for a bit of a wander and got to probably one dodgy move from the top. We decided to call it quits and had a break on a rock for morning tea looking down over the valley.

I was rather regretting not bringing harnesses and rope since it seemed that abseiling would be a quicker and safer way back down. In the end getting down was much easier than expected. The slabs were pretty easy to reverse, and only the short drop caused any issues. Mostly from large bull ants which bit both Rachel and me!

We had lunch back at the car and then headed out via the loose sandy ford that we had just managed to cross on Friday night.