29/07/2006 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Gill Fowler

18370.jpg (106080 bytes)

Gill on the first set of chains up Carlons Head

18371.jpg (103099 bytes)

Gill on the second set of chains

18374.jpg (59638 bytes)

Gill at the top of the second set of chains

18379.jpg (62974 bytes)

View over the Wild Dog Mountains all the way to Cloudmaker Massif and Kanangra Walls

18381.jpg (92376 bytes)

Gill on more chains

18382.jpg (87787 bytes)

Still climbing chains

18383.jpg (84022 bytes)

Warragamba Dam, relatively low

18384.jpg (76295 bytes)

Cedar Head, with the Ruined Castle on the left in the background

18385.jpg (78180 bytes)

Cedar Head

18386.jpg (59712 bytes)

Mt Solitary

18390.jpg (44779 bytes)

Dead gum tree

18393.jpg (65042 bytes)

Gill descending Walls Pass

18399.jpg (58144 bytes)

Mountain Devil (Lambertia sp)