01-02/07/2006 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, James Yorston, Rachel Grindlay

17953.jpg (52641 bytes)

James in a narrow crack

17954.jpg (56647 bytes)

Tayan Pic visible through a large pagoda

17956.jpg (100253 bytes)

James and Rachel traversing a halfway ledge

17957.jpg (96774 bytes)

James on the cliff edge

17958.jpg (96523 bytes)

Rachel on a pagoda

17959.jpg (62871 bytes)

Pantoneys Crown in the distance

17962.jpg (69342 bytes)

Tom and James on a large pagoda

17970.jpg (47342 bytes)

Rachel on yet another pagoda, with the Little Capertee Valley in the background

17975.jpg (90571 bytes)

Rachel and Tom in front of "The Great Wall"

17977.jpg (69327 bytes)

James crossing a chasm

17981.jpg (116330 bytes)

James is the height of fashion

17982.jpg (75840 bytes)

Rachel admiring Pantoneys Crown

17983.jpg (85417 bytes)

James on an outcrop

17986.jpg (63875 bytes)

James descending through a cave

17987.jpg (105214 bytes)

At the top of a small canyon

17988.jpg (109272 bytes)

James in the canyon

17989.jpg (101706 bytes)

James climbing up a chasm

17993.jpg (67858 bytes)

Sunset on the Wolgan-Capertee divide

17998.jpg (50979 bytes)

James, Tom and Rachel indulging in cheese and port

18001.jpg (40631 bytes)

Looking up the Crown Creek Valley

18005.jpg (69312 bytes)

Rachel around the fire

18006.jpg (43960 bytes)

James - meditating?

18010.jpg (32608 bytes)

Cloudy sunrise

18025.jpg (89760 bytes)

A large camp cave near Mt Dawson

18026.jpg (100683 bytes)

Our overhang

18027.jpg (69947 bytes)

James in a canyon on the way back

18032.jpg (79093 bytes)

Rachel descends the canyon through a hole