14-16/04/2006 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Owen Shepherd

Kanangra Walls from the track down to the saddle

Owen on the Walls

Owen on Cottage Rock

Owen and Rachel consider the unlikely looking descent off Cambage Spire

Rachel descending a steep bit of Cambage Spire

Owen lowering packs to Rachel on Cambage Spire

Owen descending near the Kowmung

Our campsite on the Kowmung River

Tom at the campsite

A pool below a cliff on the Kowmung

Rachel and Owen walking the Kowmung

Owen drying his socks after an accident

Owen showing good form

Rachel has a quick dip

Owen doing some more crossings

Owen descending from First Top

Owen and Rachel on Cottage Rock, the Gingra Range in the background

Rachel and Owen on Kanangra Walls

Owen, Rachel and Tom on the Walls

Kanangra Walls with Mt Cloudmaker in the distance