11/02/2005 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Caoimhin Ardren

14743.jpg (81657 bytes)

Typical upper section of Ettrema Creek

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Isoceles Pool

14750.jpg (86770 bytes)

Caoimhin & Tom swimming in a pleasant pool in Ettrema Creek

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Caoimhin climbing a tricky section to try and avoid a feet wetting

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Panoramic view from the top of Myall Ridge near Churinga Head

14773.jpg (47783 bytes)

Tom on Churinga Head

14774.jpg (30456 bytes)

Churinga Head Trig, slightly enhanced

14777.jpg (98845 bytes)

Caoimhin and Tom at lunch in Myall Creek

14782.jpg (99597 bytes)

Caoimhin scrambling in Myall Creek

14794.jpg (98781 bytes)

Caoimhin scrambling harder in Myall Creek

14791.jpg (90534 bytes)

Another section of Myall Creek

14796.jpg (86232 bytes)

Waterfall in Myall Creek

14803.jpg (101168 bytes)

Caoimhin scrambling the big waterfall in Myall Creek

14809.jpg (69242 bytes)

Typical stretch of Ettrema Creek below Myall Creek

14810.jpg (90328 bytes)

Caoimhin walking up beautiful Jones Creek

14820.jpg (91323 bytes)

Caoimhin scrambling down a waterfall on limestone rock in Jones Creek

14826.jpg (85477 bytes)

Old mine shaft in Jones Creek

14827.jpg (77661 bytes)

Looking down the mine shaft in Jones Creek

14830.jpg (70423 bytes)

Tinga Falls in Jones Creek

14838.jpg (46586 bytes)

Caoimhin walking across the open tops