08/02/2004 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

The walk has to be classed as easy as the only reason we were doing it was due to my lack of an ACL. It was one week pre-surgery and I wanted to do something active. The start of the day was somewhat delayed by Tom thinking he had lost his credit card (again). However once we allayed that fear, we made the quick drive to The Spit Bridge. After some debate over where the best place to park was we ended up parking some way up Battle Blvd. On walking down to the start of the walk we realised we could have parked next to the road, but never mind, it wasn't exactly going to be a strenuous day.

The walk is well sign-posted with the sections rated as to their difficulty. Initially I was a little apprehensive about the difficult sections, but true to most inner-city walks the difficulty was well over-rated and they weren't going to be a problem for any moderately fit person.

The track is well marked in most places, and initially winds along the coastline and across beaches. The track then heads into Sydney Harbour National Park, there are some nice views over the harbour. We detoured off to see the lighthouse, which was rather disappointing. However, there were a couple of nice lookouts which were good for rest breaks. The track passes below Tania Park, where we found Mr Whippy doing a reasonable trade. Then we wound down by the coastline past several swimming areas and eventually round to Manly Wharf where we had a quick dip. After lunch overlooking Manly Beach we got the bus back to The Spit (where we had to walk up Battle Blvd - if only we'd parked at the start of the walk!