24/02/2002 - report

Participants: Tom Brennan

Bored one Sunday morning, I decided around midday that I was going to go for a walk somewhere. As I was carrying an injury I figured it had better be something nice and easy, and since it was already afternoon it couldn't be too far away. Flicking through a couple of books, Collingridge Pt seemed to fit the bill pretty well. About 10km, all on fairly flat fire trail. I threw some stuff in a daypack and jumped in the car.

That was when the trouble started. I drove the car out of the garage only to find it had a flat tyre. Luckily for me it still had a small amount of air in it, and I drove slowly and carefully to the nearest garage and simply reinflated it. Of course, the fact that the tyre had deflated at all made me rather nervous. Every time I stopped after that I had to check that the tyre was still OK, and every odd noise I heard coming from the car I would get worried that the tyre was going down. The fact that I was going to be parking my car in the bush was also a bit of a worry.

My second problem was lunch. I figured I'd pick some rolls and salad up on the way. But once you are out Galston way the shops are few and far between. The first one I tried had a couple of sad looking rolls but no salad stuff. I bought the rolls just in case. I ended up having to take a bit of a detour to a small set of shops where I finally got enough stuff together.

Once I got to the start of the walk it was all plain sailing. It was flat and easy like it looked on the map. I did a bit of exploring down one of the side trails marked marked on the topo, and ended up bush bashing back up to the road, but otherwise the trip out was pleasant and uneventful.

The view from the lookout was great, up Berowra Creek, across to Muogamarra Nature Reserve and round to Joe Crafts Bay. There are an unfortunate number of boats on the weekend that travel up and down Berowra Ck. It somewhat disturbs the feeling of isolation that you would otherwise get. I'm sure it would be better during the week.

I had lunch on a ledge under the top cliff, in the sun but out of the wind. After lunch I scrambled down to the bottom of the cliff and headed down the main spur to explore a bit. I couldn't see anything too interesting, although there are some houses marked on the topo. Maybe they were just around the point. I didn't go all the way to the water as I couldn't be bothered doing the full 180m climb back up the ridge.

The walk back was as easy as the walk in. And my tyre was still inflated when I got back. All up a nice morning or afternoon stroll.