26-27/08/2000 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Liz Edye, Chris Stephens, Keah Molomby, Melissa James

At the Golden Stairs car park - Keah, Liz, Mel, Dave, Di

Liz on one of the pinnacles of the Ruined Castle

Dave on the other pinnacle

Chris and Keah

Open your eyes, Dave!

Below the Ruined Castle - Liz, Keah, Chris, Mel, Di

View from Mt Solitary

Lyrebird at night

At the Col - Mel, Chris, Liz

Mel, Keah, Tom, Liz

View down Kedumba Creek

At Kedumba Creek - Tom, Liz, Chris, Keah

Tom on the log crossing


Liz and Keah

Climbing up Kedumba Pass

Mt Solitary

Mountain views

My eye that night (I fell into a sharp stick)