01-03/01/2000 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Jonathan Potts, Fiona Macrae, Sacha Vidler, Sarah Wentworth, Martin Laird, Colin Wagstaff, Fadi Ayoub, Nicole Shepherd

New Years Eve 1999 - Fee and Colin early in the night

Nicole and Colin somewhat later

The next morning at the campsite on the Nerriga Road

Marty and Nic in Myall Creek

Morning tea in Myall Creek - FAdi, Sarah, Colin, Marty and Jonathan

Marty and Nic in Myall Creek

Pool in Myall Creek

Looking down Myall Creek to Ettrema Gorge

Nic and Sarah

Colin scrambling down the mini cliffs

Waterfall in Myall Creek

The party scrambling another waterfall

Bigger waterfall in Myall Creek



Fee - we came from up there!

Green frog

The final major waterfall in Myall Creek

The quick way down!

Fadi modelling thermals at camp in Ettrema Creek

Sacha and Marty in Ettrema Creek

Scrambling in Ettrema Creek


Cliffs near Jones Creek

Ettrema Gorge from Barrons Crown

Nic, Sacha, Colin, Sarah

Sarah, Colin, Fadi and Jonathan

Barrons Crown

Nic and Fadi

Walking in Tullyangelo Creek

Cliffs in Tullyangelo Creek

Colin in ferns near Tullyangelo Creek