12-14/06/1999 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Jonathan Potts, Nicole Shepherd

Tom and Nicole on Kanangra Tops with views to Mt Cloudmaker

Jonathan...base jumping?

Tom and Jonathan on the Kilpatrick Causeway above Kanangra Deep

Jonathan and Nicole on Kilpatrick Causeway looking up at Kanangra Walls

Tom patching blisters

Nicole at a lookout on the climb up to Cloudmaker

Jonathan on a peak somewhere

Tom and Nicole

Nicole in scrub near Mt Moorilla Maloo

Tom crossing the cold Coxs River

Tom and Nicole looking inspired after climbing Mt Yellow Dog

Looking back down into the Coxs River

Tom and Jonathan at lunch on Mt Yellow Dog

Jonathan and Nicole


Nicole and Jonathan

Nicole descending Black Horse Ridge

Jonathan and Tom at Carlons Farm

Tom - out of order!

Tom and Nicole back at the car (not ours!)

Snow fight on the way back to Kanangra Walls

Snow fight

Winter wonderland