03/12/2017 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Andrew "Smiffy" Smith, Antoniya Bachvarova, Sue Bucknell, Simon Hager, Alex Allchin, Vivien de Remy de Courcelles

Valley view from rock outcrops

Rocky ridge, before it got scrubby!

Crossing the hanging swamp to get in to the creek

Toni on the first abseil

Looking down the most canyon-like section of creek

Toni abseiling, Simon and Smiffy trying to keep dry

Toni takes the wetter way

Alex jumping for the cameras

In the lovely gorge below the abseils

Vivien on the first of two abseils down to a creek junction

Rachel on the abseil - looks like a big drop below

Toni on the abseil

Toni at the edge of the halfway pool

Looking down the next drop from the edge of the pool

Smiffy abseiling

Simon watching Sue abseil down to the pool at the junction

Toni abseiling the falls

Bottom of the falls

Smiffy below the junction

Rachel getting sprayed by the wind, which was blowing the waterfall back up

Rachel at the top of the final drop

Toni on the final drop

Smiffy in the spray of the falls

Smiffy on the abseil

Alex halfway up the exit route - steep and exposed but not too difficult

Toni on the exit

At the top - Vivien pointing out features

Smiffy at the lookout