04/01/2017 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Rachel above the start of the canyon

Wading in the first bit of canyon

Sliding down to some pools

Beyond the pools

Waterfall and arch in the side creek

The canyon narrows again

Rachel wandering down the canyon

Canyon formation

More wading

Lovely curved walls

Towards the end of the upper canyon

After a fair scrub bash down the creek, Rachel in the lower canyon

Rachel on our first abseil (after a slide and jump)

The second abseil

After an awkward drop into this lovely pool

Rachel wading in the canyon

Near the Bungleboori North Branch (aka Dingo Creek) junction

No way back now Rachel!

Beautiful overhang

Early swim in the Bungleboori

More canyon and swimming

Rachel in the big boulder blockup

Beautiful canyon below the Gateway junction

Scrambling on slippery rocks

In the 'Boori

Rachel swimming a lovely narrow section