05/12/2015 - report - photos - Upper Bowens Creek South Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Brendon Anderson, Jon Bell, Paul O'Callaghan

Finally a sunny weekend arrived after several weeks of nice weather during the week, but ordinary weather on the weekend. In the end, there were four of us that set off for one of the most picturesque canyons in the Blue Mountains. The so-called upper section - it's actually about the 4th and 5th of about 8 canyon sections - of the south branch of Bowens Creek.

Ten years ago, you used to be able to do this section of canyon with no more than waist deep wades. However, I had heard that the hydrology had changed a bit, and so suggested that we bring wetsuits. There were certainly quite a few changes, including half a dozen short swims. A couple of places where you could previously jump down on to sand now required a jump of about a metre more. We found other ways around these.

We had a bit of an explore up Hobnail Canyon (Range Creek), and a late lunch on the cliffs just above the end of the canyon, before heading back to the car mid afternoon. Overall a good day in the bush with a great group.