23-24/05/2015 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Richard Pattison, Alan Osland, Alicia Osland

Rich, Alan and John at a lookout over the Wolgan Valley

In scrub on the ridge on the way to our camp

Pagodas on a nearby ridge

John, Rich and Alan heading off to our first canyon after setting up camp

Glen Trig

Rich trying to work out why there is a line of rocks with a post stuck in them in a rather hard to get to place

Rich enjoying panoramic views

Rich pointing out our canyon to Alan and John

John and Rich at the start of the canyon

Descending through ferns

John scrambling down a chute

Rich abseiling

John abseiling

Rich climbing down another drop (John and I abseiled/hand over handed)

Rich abseiling

Looking down another drop into a pool (avoidable with some difficulty)

John at the top of the next abseil

John continuing down into an unavoidable pool

Rich on the abseil into the pool

Rich on a short tricky abseil

John avoiding another pool via a convenient log

Afternoon views from the ridge on the way out

Cloud blanket

Cloud blanket

After sunrise

Valley panorama

The party enjoying breakfast with cliff edge views

John and Alan watching the sun on the clouds

Camp on the ridge

Cloud and cliffs

Alicia climbing the pass

John heading up the steep gully

Enjoying views from the outcrop at the top

Islands in the cloud

At the top of today's canyon there are a few faint aboriginal hand stencils in a cave

Alan on the first abseil

Looking down the next abseil

Alan belaying John

The canyon starts to narrow


Rich on a lower abseil

Looking down, the canyon continues

Rich through the gap

The sling for the next couple of abseils

Rich checking out the squeezy drop

The canyon keeps dropping

Alan on the abseil

John abseiling further up

Alan bridging to keep dry

John and Alan scrambling on the exit

Enjoying lunch overlooking the canyons

Rugged country

John and Alicia in a large overhang

Cliffs and sunset

Rich and John at happy hour