29/03/2015 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Simon Hager

Sunrise over the Jamison Valley

Mt Solitary at dawn

Just before sunrise

Here comes the sun

Mt Solitary and the Ruined Castle

Simon at the start of the canyon

Simon looking down a potential swim

Simon scrambling in

Yes, it's a swim!

Simon wading a pool

Simon scrambling down into another pool

In the canyon

Simon edging a ledge

Canyon formation

Canyon formation

A deep looking pool - we managed to climb around this

At the top of the main waterfall

Simon on the first abseil

Further down the abseil

The first waterfall

Fallen tree at the bottom of the abseil - note the sling (the tree used to be at the top!)

Simon checking out the second abseil

Simon on the second abseil

Sorting out the rope

Continuing the drop

Looking back up the second abseil

Simon at the top of the third drop

Simon on the third abseil

Scrambling lower down in the creek