10/01/2015 - photos - Empress Canyon track notes - Fortress Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Alan Osland, Andrew Vilder, Ed Squires, Josette Squires, Alicia Osland

Fortress Canyon

Alicia jumping in the first section of canyon

Alicia, Alan and Jo at the jump at the start of the main canyon

Alicia jumping again

Rachel on the chockstone


Rachel in the canyon

Canyon formation

Rachel swimming

Rachel on the abseil

Jo abseiling

Ed swimming while Rachel does some depth checks

The party further down the canyon

A short swim

Ed and Jo

Ed and Jo in the final tunnel

Alicia, Ed and Jo enjoying the "spa" pools at the lookout at the end of Fortress Canyon

Fortress Falls

Fortress Falls

Looking across the falls to the lunch spot

Empress Canyon

Rachel climbing down one of the jumps

Walls of ferns

Andrew climbing around the slide

Rachel abseiling Empress Falls

Rachel abseiling