23/11/2014 - photos - Bell Creek Complete Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Richard Pattison, Melissa Thomas, Vivien de Remy de Courcelles

Rich takes the first swim of the day, before 9am!

The section of canyon was short-lived, and now we have some creek walking. This bit through a nice garden of ferns

Vivien checking up an interesting little side canyon

Mel and Rich climbing the side canyon

In the side canyon

Rich on the arch, Mel below

Back in the main creek, a nice section of canyon

Rich swimming

In another side canyon that we explored, Mel and Rich coiling the (useful) rope

Canyon formation

Yet another side canyon, this one more of a fault line



Vivien and Mel sizing up a swim


Mel swimming

Rich admires the canyon

Rich having just enjoyed a long swim!

Canyon formation

Rich swimming another great section of canyon


Rich, Mel and Vivien eyeing off the next swim

Tom in a (pot)hole in another side canyon

Vivien and Rich swimming


Rich and Mel

After lunch, Mel and Vivien gearing up for a deep wade

Mel pointing out a yabby

Rich tries to avoid another swim by climbing around on a ledge

Vivien on one of the climbdowns

Rich on the climb

Mel in the lower canyon

Canyon formation

Mel takes a break from swimming on a ledge...

... now fully wetsuited up!

Vivien is the only one with a lilo

"Put your arms in the air!" - if you keep your shoulders dry, you stay warmer!

Vivien paddling

Canyon formation


Mel and Vivien

Canyon formation

Rich finds a pot to add to our collection of rubbish!

Mel and Rich in the final section before the Du Faur Creek junction

Canyon formation

Heading up Du Faur Creek (Clatterteeth Canyon)

Mel in Joe's Canyon