31/10-01/11/2014 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Deborah Johnston

Rachel ready to set off at the Kanangra Walls car park

Helicopter approaching up the Kanangra Creek valley

Westpac Rescue Helicopter taking the first party out to Dex Creek

Tom and Rachel in the chopper


Dex Creek, between Mt Bolworra and Mt Cloudmaker

Waiting for the chopper to depart

The helicopter heads off

Deb and Rachel making the radio check in

Rachel on the first abseil in Dex Creek

Rachel coiling the ropes

Deb on the second abseil

Deb on the third abseil

Views of Ti Willa Walls from the top of the main drop

Rachel on the first pitch of the main drop

Deb on the second pitch

Rachel on the second pitch

Deb on the final abseil

Deb checking in again at the junction of Dex Creek and Ti Willa Creek

Rachel climbing Ti Willa Creek

Deb looking like a Sherpa, with the extra pack we carried out on the ground

Deb climbing one of the waterfalls in Ti Willa Creek

Sunset from Ti Willa Tops

Our overnight camp in Hundred Man Cave

Rachel checking the log book at Cloudmaker

Deb still looking like a Sherpa

Tom and Deb with the extra gear we carried out

Cloudmaker log book

Deb and Rachel radioing in back at Dex Creek

Deb and NPWS Regional Manager Kim

Deb, Tom and Rachel ready for our extraction

Rachel and Tom in the chopper