25-26/10/2014 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Rachel looking over the Wollangambe to the west from near the Tesselated Pavements - our pass out is the left hand gully

Looking back over the Wollangambe from the top of the pass - our pass down is the gully in the middle of the picture

The tops were burnt out by the State Mine Fire of last October

Rachel abseiling in to a side creek - we probably could have climbed out again if needed

Rachel on a tree pass - not sure if this would have been an abseil or not if the tree weren't there

Rachel on the first abseil

Below the first abseil

Rachel scrambling

Looking down the second abseil

Rachel on the second abseil

Rachel on the second abseil - at the moment the drop ends in a deep pool

Rachel in the canyon

Looking down the third abseil

The bolt on the left is a bit dodgy! We cut off the excess slings.

Rachel on the abseil

Does the rope reach? Hard to tell!

Hopefully it does!

The main waterfall from the bottom - it's a floating disconnect and swim across the pool

Rachel below the falls

In the canyon

Looking back up canyon at the falls

Looks like it might be another swim!

Rachel in the canyon

Beautiful gorge below the canyon

Rachel rockhopping in the gorge

Pretty section of rocky slabs

Plenty of ferns lining the walls

I swam this since I was holding my camera, but Rachel using two hands manages to keep it to a deep wade

Bouldery gorge

More impressively deep gorge - the gorge below the canyon is extremely beautiful and runs continuously for nearly a kilometre and a half

Rachel in our little overhang. This was quite welcome as there were storms throughout the evening, though not that much rain

The next morning, exploring the Bungleboori below the junction

Bungleboori cliffs

Reflections - pool at the Short Creek/Bungleboori junction

Burnt out heath - petrophiles and banksias

Rachel in petrophile (conesticks) scrub

Lobelia dentata?

Regenerating bush on the tops - easy open walking

Unknown flower

Crossing the Wollangambe on the way back

Rachel enjoying a swim - the temperature was around 30 degrees, so even a refreshing dip was welcome

Aboriginal art? Don't think so!

Flannel flower (Actinotus helianthi)

Flannel flower (Actinotus helianthi)

Dampiera stricta

Rocky tops heading towards Tesselate Hill

Flax Lily (Dianella sp)

Mitrosacme polymorpha

Looking across Bowens Creek from the Tesselated Pavements

Tesselated Pavements

Bowens Creek and Mt Tootie from Tesselate Hill