12/10/2014 - photos - Dalpura Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Rod Wales, Neil Soutar, Lucy Keatinge, Peter Marshall

Dalpura Canyon

Rachel avoiding getting her feet wet early on

Waterfall and pool in the first section of canyon

Trees and ferns as the creek goes through a large clearing

Rachel on the abseil

Peter on the abseil

The pool below the abseil

Rod edging around a chilly dip

Neil abseiling

Rod, Rachel and Peter

Lucy gets off the rope on the ledge

The party - Rod, Rachel, Peter, Neil and Lucy

Lucy looking through a little tunnel

In the canyon

Scrambles and wades

Rachel bridging

OK, it's not quite waist deep!

Negotiating the usual log jam


The party in the windy gorge below the canyon

Cliffs near Dalpura Head

Pagoda country

Kamarah Canyon

Rachel on the little climb down

Peter climbing down

Peter on the abseil

Rod abseiling

Peter and Rachel

Neil scrambling off the abseil

In the canyon

Canyon formation

Rachel and Neil

Rachel in the canyon