31/05-01/06/2014 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Richard Pattison, Melissa Thomas, Simon Hager, Sue Bucknell, Alison Curtin, Alex Allchin, Nicole Mealing, Kerry Atkins

Birthday girl Sue at Lost Rock

Sue crossing the swamps in the upper reaches of Wooglemai Creek

Ali in scrub high up in Doris Creek

Handlining a short drop

Rich at the top of the main drop of Goondel Falls

Simon abseiling down to the top of the falls

Rich goes over the edge to see if the ropes reach (they are about 10m short!)

Most of the anchors looked something like this. Well vegetated. Doris Creek doesn't look like it gets much traffic!

Sue on the main abseil. We get off on a ledge about 10m up and slide down a scree slope.

Sue on the first stage of Hidden Falls

Mel takes her chances with the nettles (me, I'd take the not particularly wet feet option over the nettles!)

Ali abseiling

Rich on the second stage of Hidden Falls

Sue takes a slide on the next unnamed falls

Sue continues down...

...to the top of the next stage of the falls

Mel abseiling

Mel on the lower section of the falls

Mel and Ali in a stand of blue gums, one of the nicer sections of a long creek walk to Doris Falls

Unnamed falls at Devastation Gully

Gorge section

Simon abseiling Doris Falls

Simon and Rich watching Sue abseil

Ali abseiling

It's birthday cake time for Sue!

The next morning around the campfire - Mel, Ali, Sue, Alex, Kerry

The IAAF (aka Rich) has devised a unique program of events for SBW

The athletic part of the SBW olympics starts, and Rich shows why he's the undisputed champion of the slackline

Sue and Mel watching Ali showing good style

Mel may have a sore foot, but that doesn't stop her from scoring well in the frisbee throwing

Ali fires off a javelin (well, a stick!)

Nicole punches out a shot put (ok, rock put)

Simon is the clear winner of the pack carry, though given one of those is mine, I would have been happy for him to win by even more and take it to the top of Mt Doris!

Kowmung River scenery

Heading down the Kowmung to Doris Creek

Sue crossing the Kowmung

Alex climbing up to Mt Doris

Scrambling on the ascent

Steep rocky country

Nicole in the rain on Mt Ibbai, looking down at Ibbai Bend

It's still raining at lunch, so some enterprising engineers rig us up a shelter

Ibbai Bend from Mt Despond

Kerry takes a break on the slopes of Mt Hopeless

Break on the way up Mt Hopeless, as the cloud starts to lift

Kowmung Valley

Crossing Mt Misery

Blue sky and sunbeams - we didn't expect to see them again!

Late afternoon at Lost Rock

Cloud in the Kowmung Valley in front of Mt Colong