23/03/2013 - photos - Mt Hay Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Rachel on the first abseil in the side gully

Rachel on the second abseil

We decided to do the third abseil for fun

I remember climbing down this drop previously on the tree and roots to the right, but this looks pretty tricky now. We abseiled it

Rachel on the first swim

Rachel on the abseil next to the upper chockstone

Looking down to the main drop

The main slot

View back up the canyon

Rachel on the first abseil in the main slot

Looking down the main slot

Rachel abseiling

Avoiding getting pummelled by the water

The next drop


Looking down from the exit climb into the valley

Rachel climbing

View from the belay ledge

View down the Grose Valley from the belay ledge

The outlet of the canyon

Rachel checking out the slot

Walking back along the tops