04/01/2013 - report - photos - Ranon Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Rachel at the first drop

Rachel on the first abseil

Rachel on the second abseil (could probably slide-jump this)

Rachel above the first bit of the third abseil


Rachel on the lower bit of the third abseil

Rainbow Falls?

Rachel on the fourth abseil (or climb down)

Dodging the swim

In the main canyon below Mistake Ravine, Rachel on the first drop

Different angle on the first drop

Rachel in the canyon

Canyon formation

Photographing from the pool at the bottom of the first of the two abseils down the main falls

Rachel on the abseil

Rachel on the lower part of the abseil

Rachel on the lower part of the second abseil (the upper part of this also ends in a pool)

Below the junction in the main Claustral constriction


Lovely light (and lovely Rachel!)




Rachel on the second of the two hand-over-hands in the lower canyon

The final pool, a wade at the moment, not a swim

After climbing out the exit and over the Camels Hump, we drop back in via the old track. Here Rachel is near the new exit, in a pool with some bridging or a short swim

Rachel on a beautiful rock outcrop in the early evening