05-06/05/2012 - photos - Carrabeanga Falls track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Richard Pattison, Andrew "Smiffy" Smith

Rachel has a trip report and Smiffy has photos from this trip

Rachel, Rich and Smiffy at our campsite at the King Pin Fire Trail junction on Saturday morning

Setting off along the King Pin Fire Trail - is it cold?

Looking a little warmer near Mt Thurat

Morning tea at the top of Carrabeanga Falls

Rachel and Smiffy scrambling around the first "abseil"

Rachel on the second abseil

Rich on the third abseil

Rachel on the fourth abseil

Rachel on the wide ledge below the fourth abseil, looking across to the Cloudmaker Massif

Crossing the falls just above the main drop

Smiffy on the fifth abseil, needing to swing across on to the small rock platform

Looking across to the left side of the falls - the anchoring options look a little light!

Looking down into the massive amphitheatre below the main falls

Rachel on the sixth abseil

Rich on the large ledges below the main falls

Smiffy and Rich...

...watching Rachel abseil

A wider view of the seventh abseil and amphitheatre

Looking down the drop below the main falls

Rachel on the eighth abseil

Smiffy on the eighth abseil

Looking further down the gorge from the main falls

Rachel on the ninth abseil

Rich below the eighth abseil

Smiffy on the tenth abseil

Rachel, realising that the abseil ends in a waist deep pool, takes a different route on the abseil

Rich on a short hand-over-hand, with Rachel visible scrambling to the anchors for the eleventh abseil

Smiffy on the twelfth abseil

Smiffy below the thirteenth abseil

Rich looking with trepidation at the fourteenth abseil

The major waterfall we bypassed via the abseil

Rachel scrambling the bottom section of the waterfall

Rachel on the fifteenth abseil

Rachel in the waist deep pool at the bottom - having a shower since she has forgotten to take her prusik off

Smiffy on the abseil


Smiffy scrambling below a short abseil lower down

Scrambling lower in Carrabeanga Brook

Finally we reach Kanangra Creek

The next morning, our campsite on Kanangra Creek


Scrambling up Carrabeanga Steeps

Looking up towards Paralyser

Looking in to Cyclops Pit

The steep bit of the Steeps

Rich, Smiffy and Rachel on the narrow saddle before the final push to Mt Cyclops

Smiffy, with the Gangerang Range in the background

At lunch - Rachel, Smiffy, Rich

Smiffy and Rich through an easy open section on Thurat Ridge

Rachel and Smiffy near Mt Thurat

Rich on Mt Thurat