29/01/2012 - photos - Yileen Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Viven de Remy de Courcelles

Good views from the ridge on the way in

Vivien near the start of the canyon

An interesting water race

Vivien in the canyon

Vivien on a little climb down

Vivien on another climb down. For some reason he decided to go swimming!


The first drop

Vivien abseiling

A little side canyon


Canyon formation


Canyon formation

Canyon formation

Tree fern

Canyon formation

Waterfall in between canyon sections

Canyon formation

Vivien contemplating a swim (normally just a wade)

Vivien on the second abseil

There was an impressive waterfall backdrop to this abseil

Vivien on the main abseil out of the canyon

Vivien on the final abseil

The main falls

Looking back down into the outlet of the canyon from Rigby Hill

Vivien looking into the Grose

Vivien looking over the edge from Walls Lookout

Twin falls of Wongarra Gully

Vivien on a knife edge (literally!)

Falls of Hungerfords Gully


A different angle on the falls (Wongarra Falls?)

Grose Valley