17/12/2011 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Rachel also has photos from this trip

Rachel abseiling into our first canyon

Rachel below the second abseil

"I'll take the high road..."

Rachel in a squeezy bit (well, the canyon is mostly squeezy)

Canyon formation

Rachel on the final abseil

We wander along the tops and drop into another creek

Rachel in an impressive tunnel in the creek

Who pushed the pagoda over?!

Looking down the first abseil

Rachel abseiling sans pants, after seeing me get wet!

Canyon formation

Looking down the second abseil

Canyon formation

Rachel on the second abseil

Lower down on the second abseil

The abseil finishes at this impressive rock arch

Rachel in the arch

The canyon exits with two long drops. This is looking down the first of these.

Rachel on the third abseil.

Looking down the last abseil

Rachel on the last abseil

View of the last abseil

Dipodium punctatum (Hyacinth Orchid)

Stonework on the old railway alignment

More impressive stonework

Rachel at the bottom end of the tunnel

Tunnel entrance


The top end of the tunnel. After walking back to the car, we headed back to Barcoo Swamp to camp. The next morning we headed for the River Caves.