19-20/11/2011 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Andrew "Smiffy" Smith

Smiffy also has photos from this trip

Smiffy in a garden of flowers on the ridge

Flax Lily (Dianella caerulea)

Smiffy on a ledge in a short section of canyon high up in the creek

Climbing out to avoid a swim

Waratah (Telopea speciosissima)

Little waterfall we climbed down with the aid of the log

Just before the start of the main canyon in the south branch...

...which starts with a jump (or abseil)

Smiffy on the other side of the pool - which took over a minute of fighting with the log!

Beautiful clear pool

Looking down the top of the abseil, the arch can be seen straight across

Smiffy on the abseil

Looking back at the arch and abseil

The swims start coming!

Contemplating a possible swim

Waterfall in side canyon

Smiffy climbing back out of the side canyon

Just about at the start of the main canyon

Smiffy at the first swim in the main canyon...the north branch is just around the corner to the left, but it is so narrow that we swim past without even noticing!

Looking back at the swim

The canyon continues

A more open section

Then it closes up again

It continues through interesting shelves...

...interspersed with pools!

Smiffy in the canyon

Rock shelves

Another short pool

Another long section of canyon..

...and we reach what we decide will be our camp for the evening.

A big overhang, high above the creek

The next day, Smiffy indulging in a bit of photography

Wollangambe Wilderness

We drop back in and this time we successfully find the north branch!

Spectacular canyon

Smiffy in the lower canyon

There is a long straight section, and then it opens out

In the Yarramun Tunnel

Smiffy in the tunnel

Further upstream there is more canyon - this pool required some interesting manoeuvres to stay dry

Canyon formation - the light was quite contrasty, so we took less photos than the previous day, even though the north branch was probably prettier

Looking down a tricky climb

Impressive cavern

Smiffy wading

Climbing out after a short swim

Wild flower in the canyon

Wollangambe wilderness views

Massive bunch of flannel flowers (Actinotus helianthi)

Conospermum ericifolium (Cone seeds)

Mirbelia rubiifolia?

Conospermum ericifolium