14/05/2011 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Richard Pattison, Sue Bucknell, Jeff Boyd, Jim Close

Rich has videos from the two canyons here and here.

Rich on the abseil into our first canyon

Jim in the canyon

Looking down the squeezy abseil


Jim bridging

The chamber at the end of the canyon

Jeff abseiling

Looking up the next gully around

Jim enjoying a squeezy exit!

The party on the tops in the sun

Wolgan Valley views

Rich dropping into our next creek (having already climbed up and down the drop)

Jeff on the first abseil in the canyon

Looking down the first drop, Sue abseiling

Jim on the lower part of the first drop

Rich descending the next little drop

Rich above the canyon

Looking back up this drop

Sue through a little window

Sue on the next abseil

The final big abseil back to the creek

Mt Wolgan and Donkey Mountain through the Tunnel Creek cliffs