20/02/2010 - report - photos - Danae Brook Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Andrew Glover, Bethany Hoye

Rachel also has photos from this trip.

Placid looking Danae Brook above the waterfalls

Glover and Bethany about to get wet feet

View from the first abseil

Bethany at the bottom of the first waterfall

Rachel and Bethany rigging the third abseil

Waterfall on the second abseil

Rachel on the third abseil (the chockstone abseil)

Missing bolt at the third abseil



Bethany on the fourth abseil (Waterfall abseil)

Rachel's legs can just be seen

Rachel emerges from the bottom of the abseil

Rachel on the fifth abseil. We abseiled from the tree rather than through the hole.

Rachel on the sixth abseil (the slippery log abseil, minus slippery log). This was probably the hardest abseil

Bethany on the abseil

Glover emerges from the waterfall

Bethany on the seventh abseil


Looking back at the waterfall on the seventh abseil

Rachel on a short hand over hand/abseil

Glover and Bethany

Bethany trying to avoid a swim

Bethany scrambling

Glover and Rachel set up for another short drop



Bethany on a short drop

Rachel rigging the final major abseil



The final major waterfall

Glover coiling

Rachel on the abseil down to the boulder chute

Looking down the boulder chute - it's a long way down

Glover and Bethany scrambling in the boulder chute

Scrambling in the boulder chute

Looking back up the boulder chute

An awkward move - though jumping would have worked too

The final abseil

Bethany abseiling

Small brown snake


Nightfall from the Kilpatrick Causeway