29/12/2009 - photos - Jerrara Creek Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Gill Fowler, Andrew "Smiffy" Smith, Darren Smith, Kirsty Smith

Smiffy and Darren also have photos from this trip

Looking down into Jerrara Creek from the lookout

Gill scrambling the first little drop

Tom on the first abseil, down a nice chute

Gill on the first abseil

Gill in the creek

Rachel in the creek

Rachel scrambling down another short drop

Rachel swimming a pool

Rachel on the second abseil

Near the bottom of the second abseil

Looking down the canyon

Gill on the second abseil

Gill on the third abseil

Rachel on the fourth abseil, into a long deep pool

Gill on the same abseil

Looking back along the canyon

Tom at lunch

At Jerrara Falls, we join up with Smiffy, Darren and Kirsty, to pool ropes. The party next to us abseiling Jerrara Falls

Darren on Jerrara Falls

The lower section of Jerrara Falls

Tom abseiling

Tom in the pool

Tom swimming, Smiffy scrambling

Tom and Gill dealing with ropes for the final abseil

Tom abseiling

Kirsty abseiling

High water mark on the pool - it was at that level 5 years ago when I was last here

Grass tree

Grass tree