26/01/2006 - report - photos - Mt Hay Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Lisa McGinnigle, Sacha Vidler, Sarah Wentworth

170_7040.jpg (105053 bytes)

Sacha on the first abseil

170_7043.jpg (93849 bytes)

Lisa on the first abseil

170_7044.jpg (114704 bytes)

Sarah on the second abseil in the side creek

170_7046.jpg (108597 bytes)

The longest swim in the canyon

170_7047.jpg (92326 bytes)

Checking out the jump

170_7049.jpg (84136 bytes)

Sacha jumps

170_7053.jpg (94993 bytes)

Canyoners at the top of the main drop

170_7058.jpg (70983 bytes)

Tom abseiling down to the chockstone

170_7064.jpg (63088 bytes)

Sacha - about to get wet

170_7066.jpg (67942 bytes)

Sacha getting wet, with Rachel belaying

170_7069.jpg (59784 bytes)

Canyon formation

170_7072.jpg (98292 bytes)

Sacha on a little hand over hand

170_7079.jpg (101337 bytes)

Looking back up the canyon

170_7082.jpg (53174 bytes)

View up the Grose

170_7083.jpg (45815 bytes)

View up the Grose

170_7084.jpg (94002 bytes)

Looking back into the canyon from Butterbox Point