21/01/2006 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Chris Berwick, Mitchell Isaacs, Rob Hynes

17019.jpg (118309 bytes)

Water flows over Thurat Falls

17020.jpg (101604 bytes)

Mitch near the top of an early abseil

17022.jpg (94890 bytes)

Rob on the first part of a two part drop

17025.jpg (95554 bytes)

Rob trying to sort the rope out from the waterfall

17026.jpg (89646 bytes)

Mitch about to face the water down a narrow section

17026.jpg (89646 bytes)

Being pounded by the waterfall

17030.jpg (94369 bytes)

Rob at the bottom of the falls, out of the water

17034.jpg (96938 bytes)

Rob, halfway down the falls, on the left side

17036.jpg (86395 bytes)

Rob on one of the later abseils

17038.jpg (85118 bytes)

Rob staying dry at the bottom of one of the drops