24/12/2005 - report - photos - Wollangambe Canyon - Upper Tourist Section track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, James Yorston, Gill Fowler, Caoimhin Ardren, Anthony Dowle, Tania King, Alex Turner, Jamie Turner, Liz Drummond, Charles Blumer, Debbie King, Nathan Chan, Alison Colyer, Owen Shepherd, Jo McLellan, Ken Shepherd

167_6771.jpg (113696 bytes)

Everyone blowing up lilos and suiting up at the beach

167_6775.jpg (95759 bytes)

A spectacular curve of cliff

167_6777.jpg (81092 bytes)

Spectators watching the jump

167_6779.jpg (118323 bytes)

Owen jumping

167_6780.jpg (102858 bytes)

A classic section of canyon

167_6782.jpg (112953 bytes)

Jo bridging a short drop

167_6783.jpg (99931 bytes)

Ken on lilo

167_6784.jpg (101531 bytes)

Rachel working out how to drop on to her lilo

167_6785.jpg (103351 bytes)


167_6787.jpg (60548 bytes)

Ken floats by

167_6788.jpg (100568 bytes)

Jo and Owen

167_6789.jpg (92269 bytes)

A section of canyon

167_6793.jpg (76596 bytes)

Feet ... and a spectacular bit of canyon

167_6797.jpg (101258 bytes)

Rachel and Liz have to work together