26/03/2005 - report - photos - Pipeline Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, James Yorston, Caoimhin Ardren, Ella Millard, Steve Thomsen

img_5166.jpg (76818 bytes)

Steve on an abseil in the tributary

img_5168.jpg (82010 bytes)

Rachel belaying Ella getting wet

img_5170.jpg (106521 bytes)

Rachel on a drop in the tributary, with James, Caoimhin and Ella all watching

img_5173.jpg (78528 bytes)

An abseil in Pipeline Canyon

img_5175.jpg (77208 bytes)

Steve belaying Rachel

img_5178.jpg (77114 bytes)

Steve on the log abseil

img_5179.jpg (72122 bytes)

Rachel on the log

img_5180.jpg (57028 bytes)

Canyon formation in Pipeline

img_5181.jpg (61608 bytes)

Canyon formation in Pipeline

img_5183.jpg (85765 bytes)

Canyon formation in Pipeline

img_5184.jpg (93144 bytes)

Ella, James and Steve lower in Pipeline

img_5188.jpg (92877 bytes)

Caoimhin in a section of our second canyon

img_5190.jpg (94400 bytes)

Canyon formation

img_5193.jpg (89135 bytes)

James on a tight abseil in the second canyon

img_5199.jpg (33304 bytes)

The final drop in our second canyon

img_5207.jpg (71299 bytes)

Canyon formation at the bottom of the second canyon