11/01/2005 - report - photos - River Caves Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, David Noble, Rik Deveridge

I met Dave at Epping and we headed up to Zig Zig to meet Rik, via the North Richmond Bakery. It was a warm day and we were looking forward to getting wet. We headed out along fire roads and left the car at the top of a rocky hill. Wandering down the ridge we soon reached the first canyon, which had a couple of good jumps. Dave handlined down these so he could video Rik and I jumping. I looked off a couple of slides as they looked like you'd be going pretty fast by the bottom. Rik looked them off too, but just because he was worried his shorts wouldn't hold up to it!

The canyon ended fairly quickly and we climbed out on a ridge and dropped into another creek. This also had a short canyon in it with a number of drops. We climbed down all of these except one where the handline came out.

At the end, we headed up another creek and had a relaxed lunch around a fire in a large cave.

After lunch we wandered downstream and through another canyon that we had all visited before. This was quite spectacular, and Dave and I had the cameras out for a while searching for that elusive shot. We headed back to the fire trail and the car for a relatively early finish, an enjoyable day in the bush.