22/03/2003 - report - photos - Wollangambe Canyon - Lower Tourist Section track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Jonathan Potts, Liz Edye, Matt Ryan, Karen Sawarna, Colleen Dickson, Wally Crocker

This was supposed to be a Dregs team activity, but we ended up with almost as many Blue Boobies (the girls team) as Dregs. Jonathan, Colleen and I had camped at Cathedral campground the night before after doing Water Dragon. Matt turned up first, having driven from the Colo, with Liz and Wally not too far behind. Karen didn't have a lilo, so ended up stopping in Penrith I think, and we played a fair bit of hacky sack before she arrived.

It was a pleasant walk to the beach at the start where we blew up lilos. Just downstream was the big water jump, and Pottsy, Wally, Liz and I climbed up for the jump. The water level must have been much lower than last time as we had to jump over the log, but avoid hitting the wall on the other side. Last time we'd been able to jump inside the log.

We made slow progress downstream, eventually reaching Whungee Wheengee for a break and a bit of an explore. The girls sat in the sun while the boys headed up the excellent bottom section of Whungee Wheengee.

Back at the Gambe, we made good time to the beach at the end for a quick lunch break, followed by a climb out and good views from various pagodas.

An excellent day's canyoning.