If you've reached this page, then you've probably clicked on the Ratings link on one of the track notes pages on this web site. This page is an explanation of what my ratings are and why. If you were expecting something else, or just don't care, hit Back now.

Many of my canyon track notes have a rating out of 10 for the canyon. Before people jump up and down and complain about me rating canyons and asking what the ratings are about, read below. And then if you still have a problem you can email me.

  • The canyon ratings are completely subjective, based on how much I enjoyed a particular canyon, the quality of canyon, the length of the canyon and probably a bunch of other factors perculiar to me. Note the words I and me. So if you think I've rated your favourite canyon as a 1, 2 or 3, well that's what I thought of it. If you want your say, start your own web site!
  • The canyon ratings are out of 10. Even the crappiest canyon gets a 1. If something gets a 0, then it's not a canyon (in my opinion again of course).
  • Ratings are predominantly for sandstone slot canyons. I'm not so interested in comparing other sorts of canyons.
  • Most of the well known canyons will probably get between 7 and 10. They tend to be well known for a reason.
  • There's nothing fixed about the ratings. I can and do change my mind after revisiting.
  • Note that a 3 or 4 doesn't mean a bad canyon, just not one I'll be racing back to visit too soon.

You can see a list of the ratings of some of the canyons I've visited.