The tape knot, as its name suggests, is used to tie the ends of tape (webbing) together, usually into a loop for an anchor.

It is actually just an overhand bend tied in tape, but rarely known as such.

Note that tape knots can fail under cyclic loading/unloading, so you should make sure that the knot has sufficient tails (20 cm/8 inches) if you have a number of people abseiling off the anchor. You should also check carefully if you are using an anchor set by another party, as the margin of safety may have diminished.

tape_knot.jpg (34659 bytes)
Start by tying an overhand knot in one piece of tape, making sure not to introduce any twists. 138_3852.jpg (33116 bytes)
Starting from the free end, retrace the original knot with the second piece of tape. 138_3853.jpg (30763 bytes)
Continue retracing... 138_3854.jpg (31322 bytes)
...until you have retraced the entire knot. 138_3855.jpg (32509 bytes)
Pull tight and set the knot 138_3856.jpg (31980 bytes)