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An ATC from the top

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The usual method of rigging an ATC

atc_tie_off.jpg (24411 bytes)

One method of tying off an ATC

The ATC (Air Traffic Controller) is actually a Black Diamond brand, but the name is often used for the generic tube type belay devices.

They consist of two tubes of metal, through which loops of rope are fed, and the ends of the loops clipped into the carabiner on the harness.

They are designed as a belay device, so are not ideal for abseiling. However, plenty of people use them as they already own one of these for climbing.

They are not ideal for canyoning as they need to be taken off the harness to clip or unclip from the abseil rope.

Safe No major issues.
Quick release No
In line Yes, although some twisting of the rope often seems to occur
Light weight Yes
Variable speed No
Variable speed during descent No
Easy to lock off No
Rescue use No
Belay use Yes
Heat dissipation Below average