15/09-15/10/2017 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Morocco Canyon

Rachel scrambling up to the cliffline

Traversing the exposed ledge around into the canyon

Rachel abseiling into the canyon

At a small arch

Nice drop into an amphitheatre

Rachel bridging her way down canyon

Grumpy at being asked to smile on an awkward drop!

Small people's route (not my way!)

Chilly wade and swim near the end

After checking the forecast in Hanksville, we moved camp back to the White Roost car park, in order to do Robbers Roost (North Fork) the next day

Sunset over the Roost

Spectacular moonrise at sunset

Rachel attempting to capture it

Robbers Roost Canyon (North Fork)

Robbers Roost Canyon is a bit of a cattle trail

Rachel checking out the anchor for the first drop

On the first abseil

In the canyon

Second abseil

Rachel on the third abseil

Canyon formation

Dropping under a large boulder

Easy bridging in a high-walled section

Lovely light

Squeezy downclimb

More gorgeous light

Rachel abseiling into the lower canyon, below our eventual exit point

Beautiful corridor

Ascending back up our fixed rope

Scrambling back up toward the exit

We moved camp to Granary Springs (Motel 6), which was a bit more sheltered, and reasonably accessible to our options for the next day (Not Mindbender, with Larry as a fallback)

Larry Canyon

The road to Not Mindbender Canyon was being covered by migrating sand dunes - this one was fine, but we got turned back at the next one

Rachel descending the moki steps into Larry Canyon

Easy downclimbing

Chilly wade

Narrow squeezing

More narrow bridging

Rachel on the first abseil

Below the abseil

Second abseil in Larry Canyon

Amazing high walled canyon

Great Basin Gopher Snake

Pleasant wide section of canyon

Slanted corridor (my nemesis)

A couple of final abseils could be avoided by walking around the corner along this bench

Rock arch in the canyon wall

Rachel climbing the steep crack to get out of the canyon

Slickrock exit to the ridge

Alcatraz Canyon, just below our campsite

Sunset over Alcatraz and the Henry Mountains

Blue John Canyon (Little West and Main Forks)

Rachel climbing down the imposing entry to Little West Blue John Canyon

Scrambling down under a chockstone

First abseil in Little West Blue John Canyon

Water streaks in the walls

Rachel on the second abseil

Below the abseil

Heading up the main fork of Blue John Canyon, through a muddy pool which is thankfully only waist deep



Bridging to avoid muddy feet (which would not be helpful!)

Rachel starting the ascent up the final section of the canyon

Resting at the top of the hardest section

Rachel heading up further with a rope for pack hauling

Almost at the top!

At the top were a clean cut group of guys looking like they were about to hit the gym, rather than descend a grovelly canyon - I suspect they would have been worse for wear by the end!

On the way out of the Roost we pass through an area of sand dunes

Cedar Mesa

Jacobs Chair at sunset

Camp above White Canyon in the Cedar Mesa

Rock arch at dusk