15/09-15/10/2017 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Angela Horvath, Taremwa Sam Rwabwehare

White Roost (East) Canyon

Sam on the first downclimb

Sam on another tricky downclimb

The party keeping dry

Sam having lost his shoes on the abseil!

Angela abseiling

Uh oh! Time to get wet!

The canyon opens out for a while...

Rachel taking the rope around to the abseil

Sam abseiling

Rachel on a squeezy section

Sam abseiling

Sam in the canyon

Angela and Sam


Rachel on the final abseil

Sam and Angela on the final abseil

Walking down the gorge below the canyon

Taking in the views from the exit

Apocalypse over the Henry Mountains?

A cold and miserable drizzly morning at Sandthrax Campground. Though it's forecast to clear up later.

Hog 2 (Swine Flue) Canyon

It clears up - climbing out steep slickrock at the Hog 1/2 junction

Angela on the approach

Sam on the first abseil (listed as 40m, but only about 15m!)

Rachel bridging early on

Rachel on the second abseil

Angela and Sam on the abseil

Rachel on the third abseil

Some more easy downclimbing

The band - Sam, Angela, Tom, Rachel

The canyon narrows again before the final drop

Sam, and Angela in the oubliette

Rachel abseiling the awkward drop

Angela at the top

Cactus (Sclerocactus?)

Heading back down towards Hog Springs


Monkey Business

Snow on the Henry Mountains - it's bin cold!

Angela and Rachel at the head of the canyon

Climbing into the canyon

Sam and Angela scrambling

Angela at a narrow bit

Tom squeezing (photo Rachel)

Rachel's Monkey Business


Trying to keep dry feet

Rachel on the awkward abseil - we set a courtesy anchor off the deadman, which I'm backing up

Angela, Sam and Rachel at the bottom of the drop

More squeezy scrambling, and a tricky downclimb

Rachel abseiling into the semi keeper pothole (no photos of the beached whale exit!)

The long final abseil

Looking down the final drop

Arch in the canyon wall


Angela at the bottom of the sketchy exit

Angela scrambling

Loose gully climbing

Sam back at the car