15/09-15/10/2017 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

20/09/2017 - Zebra and Tunnel Canyons

Navajo Lake sunrise

Donning wetsuits - unnecessarily - at the start of Zebra Canyon

Rachel in the short wading/swimming section

Scrambling in the canyon


Attractive narrows

Rachel bridging in Tunnel Canyon

At the end of the tunnel

Tunnel Canyon

Great campsite at the head of Egypt 1 - can't camp too much closer to a canyon than this!

21/09/2017 - Egypt 3 Canyon

Rachel downclimbing near the start of Egypt 3

More downclimbing

Mud - something there was plenty of when we were there

In the canyon

Rock bands

Skinny narrows

And more skinny narrows. With mud


Tom - matching feet

Rachel swimming the first keeper pothole. Exiting took us a while to work out.

Abseiling below the pothole

Second semi keeper pothole - too slippery for one person to escape

Final muddy swim

Walking back above the canyon to retrieve our rope

22/09/2017 - Neon Canyon

Early morning start across the Egypt Bench

Rachel on the edge of the escarpment above the Escalante River

Downclimbing at the start of the north fork of Neon Canyon

In the canyon

Rachel on a short awkward drop


Downclimb with the aid of neon tape

Below the next abseil

The keeper pothole - pretty full!

Rachel abseiling into the Golden Cathedral

Golden Cathedral


Looking up through the arches

Another canyoner

Lower Neon Canyon

Egypt Bench panorama

23/09/2017 - Lower Calf Creek Falls

Fremont granary in the cliff walls

Pictographs on the walls

Rachel at Lower Calf Creek Falls

Lower Calf Creek Falls

Lower Calf Creek Falls

What you don't see in the other photos - the crowds!

24/09/2017 - Upper Red Breaks Canyon

Rachel on the escarpment on the approach to Red Breaks

In the Upper West (or Middle) Fork of Red Breaks Canyon

Narrow slot

Abseiling out near the junction with the North East Fork

Dodgy (and probably unnecessary) slab climbing

Rachel at the top of one of the more strenuous upclimbs

Easier upclimbing

The climbs keep coming

Yet another upclimb

More squeezy canyon

Cool corridor

Looking down the final major climbing section - I was stuffed by the end!

Campsite on the Old Sheffield Road

Escalante River country, with Phipps Arch just visible in the middle of the photo

Happy hour!

Sunset over the Escalante