15/09-15/10/2017 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Keyhole Canyon

A short scenic walk along the highway to the start of the canyon (actually you can pretty much see the whole thing from here!)

Start of the canyon

Things get a bit awkward

First abseil

Second abseil

Third abseil

In the depths

The dreaded slanted corridor?

The only swim of the canyon (which I conveniently walked around!)

Deadeye Dick and Mighty Mouse Canyons

Rachel attempting the exit to get us up to Deadeye Dick

First main abseil in Deadeye Dick

Another nice flute abseil

Looking down a series of short drops

Further down, another flute

The final big abseil, with an awkward under the log start

Rachel climbing up to Mighty Mouse Canyon

First abseil in Mighty Mouse

Rachel on the next abseil

Awkward start to the final drop

Garter Snake?

Heading up the Virgin River on the way out

Diana's Throne Canyon

One of a series of abseils dropping into the slot

In the canyon

Rachel getting some downclimbing practice for later

First drop in the side canyon

Awkward narrow squeezy abseil

Out of the squeezy section

Final abseil to the end of the canyon

Kanarra Canyon

Heading into the first section of narrows

Rachel at the first climb

Classic Kanarra Canyon shot

Waterfall and boulder

Second narrows

Another waterfall climb

Sans Rachel


Open canyon above the second narrows

Walls and sky

Ricketty ladder

Trees in the canyon - would look great in autumn

Navajo Lake

Rachel at Navajo Lake

Navajo Lake

Camping at the lake

Chimney tent - it was cold enough to warrant one!